Our Mission

Our Mission

The Indian Peaks Wilderness Alliance is committed to:
Providing quality education to the public on all aspects of the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area; Providing a forum for exchanging information and for discussing wilderness and area-related management solutions; Supporting research on the natural sciences in the Indian Peaks Wilderness; And, instilling in society a sense of respect and stewardship for public lands.


Our Goals

  • Provide a forum for discussion of issues regarding the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area;
  • Provide a volunteer clearing house to work with the U.S. Forest Service to coordinate, train, and supervise volunteers working in the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area;
  • Provide a forum for information exchange among the U.S. Forest Service, local government, and interested citizens;
  • Assist in developing a process for identifying and solving problems for the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area;
  • Establish an ongoing public education program regarding the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area, its ecology, its popularity, and techniques to minimize impact upon it; and
  • To undertake, sponsor, encourage, and publish research on the natural sciences and management problems of the Indian Peaks Wilderness and adjacent areas.

Our History

Colorado is considered a bellwether state in many regards. Not the least of these is the ability of a wilderness system to survive in such close proximity to a highly populated region. The pressure placed upon the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area is extraordinary with the undisciplined and rampant development which surrounds it.

The Indian Peaks wilderness was established on October 12, 1978. It started to get even more heavily impacted by visitors; so in 1980 a citizen?s forum was organized by Dr. Anne Forrest Ketchin, Anne Vickery and Jan Robertson.

This forum held round table discussions which developed 27 points of agreement among a very diverse group of interested parties. The US Forest Service agreed to most of the recommendations, and thus began a long-lasting citizen/agency partnership which is soundly in place today as the Indian Peaks Wilderness Alliance.

The Indian Peaks Wilderness Alliance is the only private citizens nonprofit group actively protecting the Indian Peaks Wilderness on a regular basis with these volunteer programs:

Wilderness Volunteers with the Alliance provide visitor education, report trial conditions and report any hazards, monitor visitor use and adherence to Wilderness regulations, sponsor public presentations on environmental issues, and grant a scholarship each year for alpine research.