David Paddon and Joyce Gellhorn Grants – Boulder, Colorado


IPWA supports research in Colorado’s high country by graduate and undergraduate students with two grants: The David Paddon Grant and Joyce Gellhorn Grant. David Paddon was an English exchange student in the Geography Department at the University of Colorado who did research in the Indian Peaks Wilderness. He died in a weather-related climbing accident in the Indian Peaks in May 1990. Joyce Gellhorn, long-time chair of the IPWA’s scholarship committee and a dedicated educator and accomplished academic whose passion was the ecology of the Colorado high country, died in 2012. The grants honor David and Joyce. Grants can vary from $500 to $1,000 depending on our budget.


Applicants must be undergraduate or graduate students in environmental sciences, geography, ecology, geology, or in focusing on human impact in alpine and sub-alpine environments. The research topic should provide a better understanding of the ecology of Colorado high country. The grants will be awarded based on the quality and merit of the research proposal, and on the recommendation of the faculty advisor.


Send the following materials by email or mail to:

Sallie Greenwood
4424 Greenbriar Blvd.
Boulder, CO 80305

1) A letter of application stating your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, university, college department, current degree program, and the name and phone number of your faculty advisor plus one other reference.
2) A research proposal — no more than two pages stating in a clear and concise manner the research objectives, study area, overall experimental design, and the potential significance of the findings.
3) A proposed budget  — indicating how you would spend the scholarship award from $500 to as much as $1,000.
4) Two letters of support from faculty members including your major professor.

Past Grant Award Recipients

2017 Cliff Bueno De Mesquita: Plant Colonization and Climate Change

2017 Nathalie Chardon: Colorado Alpine, Plant Response to Trail Use

2017 Ashley Whipple: Pika Research

2013 Aidan Beers: Winter mortality and territory use by American pikas

2013 Scott Ferrenberg: Mountain pine beetle

2013 Margaret Mitter: Stonecrop adaptation to elevation

2013 Courtney Naff: Dust deposition, snow microbes, and nutrient export from Alpine ecosystems

2013 Teal Potter: Alpine fungi-root relationships and nitrogen deposition

2013 Jennifer Wilkening: Physiological stress impact on survival in American pikas

2012 Jennifer Wilkening: Study of high alpine pikas.

2012 Scott Ferrenberg: Mountain Pine Beetle.

2011 Scott Ferrenberg: Mountain Pine Beetle.

2011 Jennifer Wilkening: Study of high alpine pikas.

2010 Scott Ferrenberg: Analysis on the increased production of the pine beetle.

2009 Justine Smith: Analysis of Pika food sources in the Indian Peaks.

2007 Se Jin Song: Mapping Limber Pine Mitochondrial DNA in the Indian Peaks Wilderness

2006 Katherine Driscoll: A Population Genetic Analysis of Big Horn Sheep in Rocky Mountain National Park.

2005 Jessica Metcalf: Conservation Genetics of the Federally Threatened Greenback Cutthroat Trout.

2004 Renee Culver: Conservation genetics study of Thomomys talpoides (pocket gopher, one species of which lives in the Indian Peaks Wilderness)

2003 Colorado Fourteeners Initiative: Supporting research on alpine restoration and revegetation above timberline.

2002 Stacie Kageyama: Study of fungi on Niwot Ridge that help alpine plants access nutrients such as nitrogen and carbon

2002 Eric DeChaine: Finishing 2001 project, funds for DNA analysis.

2001 Eric DeChaine: The effect of long-term climate change on vegetation.
2000 Whitney Johnson: Effects of recreational trails on habitat use by ground beetles and small mammals.

1999 Mary Damm: Patterns of plant species diversity in the alpine tundra.

1999 David Remucal: Environmental effects on the reproductive ecology of alplily.

1998 Tara Forbis: Sexual reproduction and genetic structure in alpine plant communities.

1998 David Oline: Diversity of Archaea along an elevational gradient in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains.
1998 Christopher Meloche: Carbohydrate partitioning and preformation in an alpine forb, alpine avens.

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