IPWA Events

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Wednesday September 1st 2021 - Thursday September 30th 2021

IPWA Photo Contest Open

The IPWA holds an Annual Photo Contest to showcase the beauty of the Indian Peaks and James Peak Wilderness. This contest is open to IPWA members and volunteers. Each individual may submit a maximum of 2 scenic photos (no people or dogs may be in the photos). The purpose of this event is to engage IPWA volunteers & members in a fun activity to promote the protection of the Indian Peaks and James Peak Wilderness areas - all while increasing financial support for the IPWA (a 100% volunteer based organization). The IPWA Board will review submissions and the winners will be announced in early October. The IPWA will use the selected photos to create notecards to sell for fundraising purposes, as well as for gifts and marketing. Visit the Photo Contest page for more information.

Thursday September 30th 2021

IPWA Summer Patrol Season Closing Day

As fall and hunting season start up, our summer patrolling season will end on September 30th (last patrol day). In September, please take caution on the trails as certain hunting seasons may have started. For more information, please visit the Colorado Parks & Wildlife website. Active volunteers with at least one year experience may apply to join the Winter Patrol team. For more information visit the Winter Patrol Program page.