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Trail Restoration Projects

The IPWA coordinates with the U.S. Forest Service to develop a prioritized inventory of projects each year and over a multi-year timeline (such as bridge repair, tree removal, trail reconstruction, grading etc). These trail projects are aimed at creating safe and passable trails and restoring natural areas to enhance the public's enjoyment of the wilderness.​ 

Trail work projects include:

  • cutting away fallen trees impending the trails

  • rebuilding washed-out bridges

  • improving trails by grading and adding berms, retaining rock walls and turnpikes

  • maintaining and improving water diversions to prevent trail erosion

  • protecting fragile areas by redirecting trails, removing social trails and restoring eroded areas

  • removing invasive species 

  • restoring camp sites, signs, removing illegal fire rings and doing trail clean-up

Trail restoration crew working on revegetation

Cross cut sawyer training crew

Did you know...


The Wilderness Act prohibits the use of most motorized equipment and transport in the wilderness? Click here for more information.

This means that chain saws are prohibited, so trail work is done using traditional non-motorized tools. IPWA works with the Forest Service to offer Crosscut Sawyer training for volunteers (note: Basic or Wilderness First Aid Certification is required to take this training). 

Interested in joining us for a trail restoration project?

Check out the Events page for upcoming dates. If interested, please email 

Our volunteer trail restoration crews help maintain the trails for the safety and enjoyment of all. Trail projects include trail restoration projects, tree clearing cross-cut saw crews (with additional training provided), and removal of invasive weeds. Some trail projects may include volunteers from sister organizations.


These projects are open to volunteers and members of the public who are at least 18 years old (or younger with parental consent) who meet the following criteria:

  • Can do light- to medium-level trail work and are in good physical condition

  • Prior trail work experience a plus but not necessary

  • Bring own gloves, food, water; other tools provided

  • Not required to be a registered IPWA Wilderness Volunteer


Volunteers for specialized tree removal projects have USFS Sawyer Certification (including Basic or Wilderness First Aid Certification). 


The IPWA also organizes trail projects in conjunction with other volunteer-based organizations. In the past, the IPWA has conducted trail projects with the Colorado Mountain Club, Wildland Restoration Volunteers, Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado, Rocky Mountain Conservancy, Teens Inc. and Boy Scouts of America. If you're part of an outdoor group and would like to work with us on a trail project, let us know!

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