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Photo Contest

A fundraising event to benefit the Indian Peaks Wilderness Alliance

Since 2015, the IPWA has held an Annual Photo Contest in the fall to showcase the beauty of the Indian Peaks and James Peak Wilderness. 


The purpose of this event is to engage IPWA volunteers & supporters in a fun activity to promote the protection of the Indian Peaks and James Peak Wilderness areas - all while increasing financial support for the IPWA (a 100% volunteer based organization).


The IPWA Board will review submissions and the winners will be announced in early October. The IPWA will use the selected photos to create notecards to sell for fundraising purposes, as well as for educational and marketing materials that promote our organization and the protection of the wilderness areas. 


When is the contest held?

  • The contest is held annually during the month of September. Please Contact Us to sign up for our newsletters and announcements. 

  • The IPWA Board will meet in early October to review the photos and determine the winners.


What are the Photo Contest Rules?

  • Any volunteer or supporter of the IPWA may submit photos (if you would like to join our organization, you can support us with a donation of just $10 or more on our Donate page).

  • Each individual may submit no more than 2 original photographs annually for the contest. Photos must be in .jpg, .jpeg, or .png format only.

  • Photos must NOT include people or dogs (landscape & flora/fauna only).

  • The IPWA has discretion to crop, edit or otherwise enhance the photograph(s).

  • By submitting photos for the contest, you certify that photograph(s) submitted are your original work and if copyrighted that you are the sole copyright owner and you grant full use of the images at no charge to the IPWA. Additionally, you agree to hold IPWA harmless from any and all liability that might arise from use of the images. There shall be no payments made to those who submit photos.

  • Copyright of the photograph remains the property of the photographer. IPWA reserves the right to give photo credits where possible.

  • The IPWA Board shall be the sole arbitrators of the winning photos and number of winners. Winning selections are based on image quality and how well the photo represents the wilderness characteristics of the Indian Peaks or James Peak wilderness areas.

  • All proceeds from the sale of the photos and related materials shall be used by the IPWA for educational purposes, trail projects, patrolling activities and other wilderness advocacy programs and operational expenses.

  • Winners will receive a free box of notecards of the winning selections, and their name will be included on the back of each notecard that has their photograph on it (unless requested as anonymous).

  • Note: Photos attached to volunteer patrol reports do not count as official submissions. You must submit photos through the contest submission form. 


What do winners receive?

  • A feature in our e-newsletter and on our website.

  • One box of notecards of the winning selections at no charge. 

  • Your name will be included on the back of each notecard that has your photograph printed on it. 

How will the note cards be promoted?

  • The IPWA will promote the notecards on the IPWA website, our Facebook and Instagram pages, along with including them in our e-newsletters.  

  • During the holiday season fundraising drive in November/December, the note cardsets are provided as an incentive to donors at the $100 level and above. 

Will the images promote more traffic into the Wilderness? 

  • The Board believes this project will neither increase wilderness traffic by members of the public, nor will it cause harm to the areas represented in any of the photos published. The specific location of the photos are not listed. 

  • We hope these photos act as a reminder of why the IPWA exists - to protect and preserve these beautiful wilderness areas for generations to come.


Annual Photo Contest Winners

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