The IPWA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit 100% volunteer corporation founded in 1985, with no paid staff and is managed by an elected board of directors and officers, coming from volunteers, members and members of the public.

Our Articles of Incorporation:

Our organization, originally known as the “Indian Peaks Working Group”, was incorporated to provide the following services:

  • Provide a forum for discussion of issues regarding the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area

  • Provide a volunteer clearinghouse to work with the USFS to coordinate, train, and supervise volunteers working in the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area,

  • Provide a forum for information exchange among the USFS, local government, and interested citizens,

  • Assist in developing a process for identifying and solving problems for the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area,

  • Establish an ongoing public education program regarding the Indian Peaks Area, its ecology, its popularity, and techniques to minimize the impact on it, and

  • To undertake, sponsor, encourage and publish research on the natural sciences and management problems of the Indian Peaks Wilderness and adjacent areas.

2019 Board of Directors


Chairman – Kelly Prendergast 

Vice Chairman – Andy Gup (Trail Projects and Winter Patrol Lead)

Treasurer – Scott Oetting (Fundraising Lead)

Secretary – Yonah Cohen (Volunteer Services & Public Website)

At-Large Board Members:

Quartermaster - CJ Gup 

Communications  & Marketing Lead - Reghan Gillman

Education & Advocacy Lead - Daryl Ogden

Trailhead Host Lead - Tim Bickmore

Supporting and Committee Members (Non-Board):

Accountant – Mary Durham

Marketing and Brochures - Eric Durham

Attorney - Meredith Dodd

Mentoring & Lecture Series Coordinator - Leslie Brodhead

Member Site Web Master - Deb Hopkins

Trail Projects Coordinator - Bryon Lawrence

Information Specialist Coordinator - Matt Oetting

Fundraising Committee - Margaret Brown

Intern Coordinator - Stuart Dodd

Invasive Weeds Coordinator - Stephen Meyers

Research Grant Committee - Sallie Greenwood, Eric Durham and Jessica Feld

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The IPWA is a gold-level GuideStar participant, demonstrating our commitment to transparency. 

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