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Indian Peaks Wilderness Permits Exclusively Online!

Did You Know? …

Permits are required for all overnight camping in Indian Peaks Wilderness Area from June 1 to Sept. 15 and are always required for groups of 8-12 people. Due to limited availability, it is recommended that you request your permit as far in advance as possible before your trip.

Permits Are Required: Please read all relevant information below prior to obtaining a permit. NOTE: Permit applications for the 2021 season will be found exclusively here on starting March 16, 2021 at 8 am MST. Permits for IPW will no longer be issued by mail, phone, or in person. Read the press release for more information.

Permit & Season Information

  • From June 1 – September 15 a permit is required to be able to overnight camp in one of the selected Backcountry Zones within the Indian Peaks Wilderness.

  • Large groups (8-12 people) are required to have a permit year-round, for both day trips and overnight camping. These permits are limited to one large group per day/night, per zone.

  • Where allowed, pack animals contribute to the total group size (i.e., 3 people and 4 horses would be a group size of 7).

  • The permit holder will have the ability to print their permit through their account starting 7 days prior to the permit entry date.

  • It is critical to reference the Backcountry Zones Map below to help plan your trip and ensure you are within the correct zone.

**Please note, if there is any discrepancy between any information, rules and/or regulations as presented on the IPWA site and on the US Forest Service site, then those found on the US Forest Service site take precedence.**


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