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Winter Patrol Season Volunteers

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Please Welcome Our New Winter Patrol Volunteers!

We have added 8 new winter patrollers this year bringing us to a total of 15! Please join us in congratulating them! They have undertaken the extra effort to successfully complete 8 hours of additional classroom time, a field day exercise at Brainard Lake, and Wilderness First Aid training, which is about 32 hours of additional training. Visit the Winter Patrol page for more information!

In the winter, we work alongside Bryan Mountain Ski Patrol. We are proud to have patrollers who are qualified to work with public safety agencies such as Rocky Mountain Rescue that can provide an additional level of service to those who visit and enjoy the IPW and JPW twelve months a year.

As visitations have significantly increased in the Winter and Spring, our patrollers often encounter just as many people as you would in the summer. Their service is much appreciated!

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